Q&Q FEARLESS Theater -- Say WHAT?

A Quick Introduction

The Q&Q FEARLESS Theater is like nothing you’ve ever seen or heard before. We are a group of artists, technologists, designers, and actors who have been together now for 6 years, working out the ways to marry the incredible 21st century technology of an online game platform to the magic of LIVE classical theatrical performance and create an art form that is as new today as ‘moving pictures’ were in Edison’s time. We perform classic Broadway material, newly written shows, and reworked TV and movies. For each show we “build” a new theater within the development platform Second Life, and, up until now, our audiences have come there (as avatars) to see us. We produce 2-3 shows a year, and have performed to more than 1000 people each year.

Here, let Rose explain .....

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