So, what are we doing in NYC anyway?  What's the POINT....or like what's the GOAL even?


There are THREE, really...

#1- Get together PARTY and enjoy ourselves and each other and NYC.

#2- EDo what has never been done, even by US before...go from TWO zones to FOUR by adding actors on LAND

#3- Gain credibility beyond our insular SL world.


We have been re-invited to the Rising Sun Performance Company's Laboratorium.

Check out Rising Sun here

...and the Laboratorium on facebook here.


The laboratorium is on Governor's Island, not far from Manhattan, NYC. Gov'rs Island is a National Park and as you can see very green and pretty with a variety of options for food and enjoyment quite apart from our performances on the weekend.   Get more information about the park from their website here.  Got pics, and a map below.  It is in a MUCH nicer building this yhear....but still no plumbing...however CLOSE to both bathrooms and food service


The Laboratorium is in a residential sort of building.  The room/s are living room size.  I have a few pics of #407m Comfort Rd.  You can see how the audience sits in one room and the stage is another...and this is a MUCH nicer spot  We'll set up the audience in a room and cover windows for best viewing and cast members will have to be far enough away to NOT be heard - obviously.  Specifics of setup will be part of our work!  

And where are we going to say you ask??  With fewer of us heading to NY this year, we have an apartment, not a house and VERY close to the big Silver Lake Park.   #78 Silver Lake Road, Staten Island.   A pic and a map here...


As for getting there and getting around...  We are all flying into Newark Airport.  We'll have a van so pickups are possible, let us know your plans.  


We can likely all jump into the van and drive to the ferry station - parking is $8 a day [lessm than the combined MTA fares] and we'll just share that.  To get out on your own, you can see from the map that busses are just around the corner and run often 24/7.  The Staten Island ferry schedule and such can be found on their website here.  It also runs 24 hours a day.  The Staten Island Ferry docks RIGHT next door to the Governor's Island Ferry as you can see on the map below.  We will ride the Gov'rs Island ferry for free once we have our ID's [I need your picture, remember!].  I have a few transport maps so you can see what I mean.


WiFi was fun last year, but with a shorter show, we should be within the log-off timing.  We can also use our phones as hot spots and Xfinity has several hotspots on the island..likewise other carriers.  

Things I need from you:

If you are coming to NYC:

  1. Travel details - to arrange pickups and such

  2. Bio [if you like last year's then np]

  3. pic [ditto last year]

  4. Av pic [ditto]

  5. Participant release

  6. GI Release

  7. Contact Details...Name/email hometown

If you are not coming to NYC:

  1. Bio [if you like last year's then np]

  2. Av pic [ditto]

  3. Participant release

  4. Contact Details...Name/email hometown


Now that you know all the arrangements, here are the day-by-day work goals -- rather broad, I know, but much we will have to work out when we get there.



  1. Load in equipment [I am working on gettin authorization to just drive out there] 

  2. Get ID's

  3. Tour the house and get all oriented

  4. Settle, figure out if there are places to put laptops and enough outlets and general concerns

  5. Test Wifi



  1. 9 am SI Ferry - 10 am GI Ferry

  2. Work out the performance room setup

  3. Rehearse with land actors 11-1

  4. Rehearse with the full company 2-5:30



  1. Rehearse from the Apartment if needed....or play in NYC



  1. 9 am SI Ferry - 10 am GI Ferry

  2. Work out the performance room setup

  3. Rehearse with land 11-12

  4. Rehearse til we drop on island 1 til 5 - apartment later as needed



  1. 9 am SI Ferry - 10 am GI Ferry

  2. Lots of pictures

  3. Last minute Details

  4. Dress Rehearsal 11 am

  5. Free until 5 pm

  6. Promote on the island

  7. Call 6 pm - Perform 7 pm



  1. 11:30 am SI Ferry - 12:15 pm GI Ferry

  2. Last minute Details

  3. Promote on the island

  4. Call 3:30 - Perform 4:30 pm

  5. Dinner and promote around the island

  6. Call 6 pm - Perform 7 pm





And finally, the rehearsal schedule .... with the understanding that you may actually have something in the way here and there -- we will read around you.....REHEARSAL TIMES 4pm slt......PERFORMANCES - TBD



Tue 18 - Ernest in time zones

Sun 23 - Prince

Tue 25 - Ernest RUN Show [cut probably]

Sun 30 - Prince


Tue 2 - Ernest RUN Show

Sun 7 - Prince

Tue 9 - ERNEST Dress

Thu 11 - ERNEST Dress


Sun 14 - DARK

Tue 16 - Prince

Sat 20 - Perform Ernest

Sun 21 - Perform Ernest

Tue 23 - Prince

Sun 28 - Prince


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